Any 'free' Radoop users out there? Share your exploits!

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How useful is the free version of Radoop?

I see it has some nice modeling stuff but considering the massive amount of time setting all this up + learning it would be, is the value just for learning how to use Radoop?

The modeling stuff is the slowest though so it would be nice to be able to offload it...;


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    I am working on the Radoop training and the only difference between paid and free versions is the access to SparkRM. With SparkRM you are able to push any RapidMiner operator into Spark, making it very flexible for modelling. 


    However with the free version you still have access to Spark MLib operators: LogReg, LinReg, Decision Tree, Random Forest, SVM. If you are already using MLib or you need only these models, it is a good match. 


    In both cases the ETL Radoop operators are very useful and in my opinion much better than writing HiveSQL scripts. I hope you give it a try!


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