How can I change type of weight in feature selection algorithms?

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Hi. I'm new in rapidminer and I try feature selection algorithm such as backward eliminatiom and svm-RFE. The problem is that in the result the weight of feature is only 0,1 and it's not useful for me. How can I chang it to real?


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    kypexinkypexin Moderator, RapidMiner Certified Analyst, Member Posts: 291 Unicorn

    Hi @maryam_raz21


    To get real weights, you should use one of the 'Weight by ...' operators; the feature selection operators you mentioned are acutually only selecting relevant features (hence assigning them weight = 1) and drop irrelevant (hence assigning them weight = 0).

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    maryam_raz21maryam_raz21 Member Posts: 9 Contributor I

    Thanks for reply:smileyhappy: . I have  another question . This feature selection such as SVM-RFE always selecting relevant or just in rapidminer They behave like this؟ in the papers that I studeid, they used svm-RFE for bioinformatics widely!

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    have you checked the feature selection extension for this?




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    maryam_raz21maryam_raz21 Member Posts: 9 Contributor I

    yes. I installed feature selection extension 1.1.4 that included svm-rfe, ensemble feature selection and etc. in result all of feature's weight that were selected are 1.:smileyindifferent:

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