Connecting RapidMiner with BigQuery using SIMBA

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I already follow all the steps in the following link to connect RapidMiner to BigQuery, but I have problems where it keep asking me to put the authorization code (from Google given link) even though I already checked and make sure that it really the right code. 


I already tested using OAuthType=1, and OAuthType=3, still can't connect to BigQuery. When I click on Test Connection, it keep loading. 


Is there anything should I do, or if anyone have links or guide on how to connect BQ to RapidMiner and working, please share it. Thank you. 


Link (Connecting BigQuery to RapidMiner using SIMBA JDBC):


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    Problem solved. Just follow the tutorials. It's working fine. I made a typo, realized that after checking the log file. 

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