"Filtered processing of CSV data"

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I'd like to process data from a CSV file with the below data structure and sample data.  Text1 is a colour code which falls into various categories.  


category | text1 | numeric1 | numeric2

1               green   2              1

1               blue     4              1

2               green   6              2

2               blue     23            32


I'd like to process the data by category in the following way:

1) weight=numeric1*numeric2

2) sum of all weight for each category

3) display weight sum for each category in a barchart


Is there any possibility to process CSV data in RapidMiner in this way?


Many thanks for your help in advance.


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    hello @pk34212 - welcome to the community.  Yes you can certain do all of these things quite easily:


    1) use the "Generate Attributes" operator and just enter your formula

    2) use the "Aggregate" operator and group by category

    3) click "Charts" in the Results pane.


    Good luck!



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