New manifest entry for Plugins necessary!

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Hello RapidMiner-Developers,

I just wanted to let you know that in the latest developer version of RapidMiner from CVS as well as starting with the next release the plugins must contain a new entry in their manifest file with name "RapidMiner-Type" and value "RapidMiner_Plugin". This entry is necessary to distinguish between plugin jar files and other jar files leading to unnecessary operator scans if you include the RapidMiner core together with some plugins into own applications. If you use a copy of the build files shipped with our plugins, you can add the following line to the manifest entries:

      <attribute name="RapidMiner-Type" value="RapidMiner_Plugin"/>
This makes you very flexible if you want to integrate RapidMiner into own applications since you can now specify the locations for the plugins (and also for Weka) with system settings before the init()-method is invoked like in the following example:

System.setProperty(RapidMiner.PROPERTY_RAPIDMINER_WEKA_JAR, "C:\\Dokumente und Einstellungen\\Mierswa\\Eigene Dateien\\workspace\\RMTextTest\\lib2\\weka.jar");
System.setProperty(RapidMiner.PROPERTY_RAPIDMINER_INIT_PLUGINS_LOCATION, "C:\\Dokumente und Einstellungen\\Mierswa\\Eigene Dateien\\workspace\\RMTextTest\\lib");
This makes you completely independent from your actual project structure and you do not have to set the environment variable "rapidminer.home" for integration purposes (of course you will have to adapt the paths above).

We are hoping that this change eases the integration of RapidMiner even further.

All the best,
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