GSP operator dos not show the results - RM7.601

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I'm trying to use GSP operator in a simple example.


The input CSV file:

Dados de realidade;alenobrega;1
Dados de realidade;alenobrega;2
Dados de realidade;alenobrega;3
Folha de atividade;alenobrega;4

Dados de realidade;admin;1

Folha de atividade;admin;2
Dados de realidade;admin;3


GSP Parameters: 

min support: 0.01; window size:1.0; max gap: 100; min gap: 0; positive value: 1.0.


The ExampleSet output is fine, but the GSPSet show nothing.


As posted elsewhere, I also tried to use 'Write as text' operator, but without success. Here is the output of the result file:


24.11.2017 16:16:38 Results of ResultWriter 'Write as Text' [1]:
24.11.2017 16:16:38


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