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I'm trying to build a custom operator that calls Python under-the-hood using the ProcessBuilder class in Java. The Python extension is nice but a bit limited if you want to do more complicated things. Also, for every new project that wishes to re-use my Python code, I need to copy-paste between different RapidMiner processes because the script code is directly inserted into the XML. This is quite cumbersome.


Unfortunately, when I try to call Python using ProcessBuilder I cannot get RapidMiner Studio to NOT throw an access denied (""<<ALL_FILES>>""execute") error. I have searched for all java.policy files on my system and added this particular file permission but none of these seem to have any effect. By inserting a typo in one of the java.policy files on purpose I could verify that it was indeed the one used by RapidMiner but even then, adding the <<ALL FILES>> file permission had no effect whatsoever. 


So, I'm completely stumped. Does anybody have an idea what could be the problem?




Ralph Brecheisen



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    Dear @ralph_brecheise,

    the operator you are working in sounds very interesting. I think you are running into our security mechanisms.


    I will ask internally on how we can support you best.




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    Dear Martin,


    That's very much appreciated!


    Thank you.



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    hi @ralph_brecheise - I'm checking on this as well for you.  Stay tuned.




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