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Video: Introducing RapidMiner Radoop 8

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  • henry_gunawanhenry_gunawan Member Posts: 2 Contributor I

    Hello I am a beginner to rapidminer radoop. I have an assignment about rapidminer radoop.

    I follow this tutorial, but when the process execution, it takes forever and doesn't progress.

    Is someone know why this happened? and any solution?

    for retrieve from hive it works well.


    Btw I am using cloudera and full test is successfuly done.

    I found the problem is in these:

    Jun 15, 2018 5:10:22 PM WARNING: Decision Tree (MLlib binominal): The driver resource request has not yet been granted to the Spark job.

    Any solution?





  • henry_gunawanhenry_gunawan Member Posts: 2 Contributor I

    I have found the answer. it works when the driver memory is reduced to 1024 gb.

  • asmahassani08asmahassani08 Member Posts: 31 Contributor II
     how do you reduce the memory, driver ? I'm a beginner with Hadoop! sorry for that question.
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