Davies boulden's results and avg. within centroid distance's results

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Hello , I want to ask about davies boulden's  results and  avg. within centroid distance's results,  I did a cluster with k-mean  with loop of k start from 2 to 25, so I use davies boulden   and  avg. within centroid distance  to evaluate  results, so the final result shows that davies boulden is infinity and avg. within centroid distance is zero  when k = 4 and above , so I what I need to do ? remove results from k and above or there is an error and I can fix it?



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    Hi @2015228094,


    I don't know how to interpret these values of Davies Bouldin Index and avg. within centroid distance.

    However, if you are searching an optimum value of k for your clustering task, you can explore an other track : 

    Use the X-Means operator which determine the optimum number of clusters k based on the Bayesian Information Criterion (BIC).


    I hope it helps,





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