Build Indices out of my dataset

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I'm new here and pherhaps a stupid question.

I have many different time-series and I want to build indices out of them. I mean that I want to give each time-serie a weight to create a new index. Then  want to use these new indices as subindices to build new indices out of them. I have all the data in excel. Want kind of format must the data have.

How about the cost here. Is this programm really free of charge?

So many thank for your answers in advance

Kind regards


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    first: What you want to do is possible, you can use your Excel file using an ExcelExampleSpource. Probably, you can also leave your data in whatever format it is right now and do the necessary translations in RapidMiner. However, we have discussed your question with three people and we have come to three different interpretations of what you are actually trying to achieve :-) Please be a bit more precise if you have specific questions :-) A good starting point may be the samples that come with RapidMiner.

    One thing that is certain, though, is that the Community Edition is rally free of charge. If you want to spend some money, think about getting the Enterprise Edition.

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