How to load dataset from Java application to a Rapidminer process?

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This is my rapidminer process, and I can load it to my Java application, and run it, after that print out the result, what I see in Rapidminer Studio. My problem is, I don't know how can I add a dataset from the app to the loaded project, instead of using retrieve box, before set the role? 




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    Not sure on where all your data is coming from but if you want to load multiple data sets you could use a Read CSV or Read XLS operator in conjuction with a Loop Files or Loop operator, instead of the Retrieve operator. The Retrieve operator is a RapidMiner optimized data repository, but the data can come from CSV, databases, Hadoop, etc. You don't really need to Load Data > Store in Repository > Retrieve Data > Process, you can just Load Data > Process




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    nom1010nom1010 Member Posts: 8 Contributor II

    Thanks, it's really useful, I see that. Another thing, I wrote a sample code, to run a process within Java code, I'd like to say to the loaded process, before it runs, what csv file it has to use, is it possible?



    Process process = new Process(new File("testProcess.rmp"));


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