Different between the operators in modelling -> predictive

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Hi all,

For buidling a predictive process of the flow of tomorrow I only use the flow in the past. So this is a regression problem, with only the variable Flow per day. I devide this with windowing in to 5 days. D-1, D-2, D-3, D-4 and D-5. And i would to apply different predictive models.


It's really hard to understand for me what the difference between Neural network, Suport Vector Machine and Deeplearning is. But therefore I need  maybe to understand each model individualy. I searched on the internet but I could not find a proper and easy way to understand the different models. Therefor I ask the question here kindly if you guys could explain briefly the models with concerning my model:


- Neural Network.
- Suport vector machine.

- Deep learning. 



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