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1. I'm trying auto model in a large dataset that takes a lot of time to process. I already know some parameters I want in the GBT model, but I cannot (don't know) acess the process because the "open process" doesn't open before the process is finished. 

2. If this GBT is the XGB implementation why it takes so long?






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    Hi  @micheljanos,


    There exist several implementations of the GBDT family of model such as: GBM, XGBoost, LightGBM, Catboost, etc.

    The GBT model in RM studio is integrated from H2O library for GBM, and as you may know training GBM is slow. 


    The xgboost is defintely the GBM killer but unfortunately we have not integrated into RapidMiner yet. 

    I am sorry for not giving you a specific and full answer about the mathematical difference between GBM and XGboost, for more details, please have a read of two papers





    All the best,


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