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Get ready event from "Execute Programm" to start "Read CSV" File from disk

thomas_wiedmannthomas_wiedmann Member Posts: 60  Guru
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Sorry! Wrong Forum, maybe some moderator can move my question to "Getting started..".  Thanks



Inside "Execute Program" build a new CSV File on Disk. After "Execute Program" ist ready I what to read this file with "Read CSV". But If I connect "Execute Program" with "Read CSV" there is no more Parameter "csv File" possible (Input field is removed). So I need a Read Event to start "Read CSV".


How to do this?


Process sample






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  • jczogallajczogalla Employee, Member Posts: 139   RM Engineering
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    Hi Thomas!


    The ports "output" and "error" of Execute Program create file objects with the corresponding "stdout" and "stderr" content for the executed program. Connecting "output" to the Read CSV tells it that it should take that file object. So if your program writes the new file to "stdout", it will be available at that port.

    Regarding the Read Event: As long as your program does not create some background threads to do the work and termiantes before the background threads, the Execute Program Operator will wait until completion of the program and after that, Read CSV may be executed. To check that the execution order is indeed Execute Program -> Read CSV, click the icon in the top right corner of the Process View (shown below) to see the execution order. If the Execute Program Operator is not executed first, right click it and select "Bring Operator to Front".





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