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Hello, my first time using Rapid Miner. I'm totally novice but anxious to learn. I am getting an error after creating the training and testing both sides with cross validation and I attempted to run the model. It's giving me "Missing label error" from Neural Net. I've spent all day repeating the process. I need help getting past this stage please. Please see the screenshot. Thanks


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    Hi @jmoses14,


    you need to tell rapidminer what coloum (attribute) to predict. You can do this by using a Set Role operator before cross validation. You need to set the role of the attribute to label.


    To your screenshot: You do not want to connect "mod" with "per" on the right hand side. You only want to connect same color ports in general (or grey, which is neutral).


    I would recommend to have a look at these videos: https://rapidminer.com/training/videos/ they teach all these things.




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