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Hi All!!
I need to access to a relational mysql data base with rapid miner, the fact is that it's a huge data base and when I try to load it RM run out of memory, so my question is: how can I access it?there's a way to access it by parts or by tables?Or where can I found documentation related to issuess like this?
Whoever has an idea it would be welcome!


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    first of all, you can specify an arbitrary SQL statement for selecting the data. Use the query parameter in the database example source.

    If you have too much data for your memory, you could use the CachedDatabaseExampleSource, with will in fact only keep a subset in memory and fetches the data directly from the database on any cache miss. But keep in mind, that applying some operators will last a long time if you have so many data and working on a database.

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