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Hello everyone,

I am a new to RapidMiner and I recently started a project about the prediction of the result of NBA matches. My models consists in gathering individual data about every active player in the league and stats concerning the teams and the recent games rather than the players.

I also found an "injury report" online that gives the names of players that are out for the next game, so I would like to :

- get the roster of the team.

- remove the injured players.

- calculate some sort of "performance index" of the team thanks to the individual data,the latest games, and the team stats.

- predict the outcome of the next game.


I've yet to find a way to filter examples thanks to information found online (since the 'Filter Examples' operator only handles manually typed filters) so I'm kind of stuck at the moment ...

If you have any tips/suggestions on how I can implement this, thanks in advance :)


PS : Sorry if I made any mistakes,english is not my first language



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    hello @mus_eddah welcome to the community! Some quick recommendations for you:
    • Post your XML process here in this thread (see https://youtu.be/KkgB5QXWXJ8 and "Read Before Posting" on right when you reply)
    • Attach your dataset if possible (use a fictionalized version if there are privacy concerns)
    • Make sure you have all necessary extensions installed (see https://youtu.be/pjBqG3xtXx4)


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