Query Regarding Additional Features of Rapid Miner

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Hi I just had a few questions regarding the facilities offered by Rapid Miner
1)Does Rapid Miner offer learners / operators for analysis of graph theory , adjacency matrices etc. We tend to do a lot of social network analysis and it would be great if someone can provide the right learners etc to use(is it covered under clustering??)
2)Does Rapid Miner provide the ability to generate permutation/combination/partitions sets for optimization or analysis?
3)What are the inbuilt hypothesis tests that Rapidminer provides e.g where can i find the Kolmogrov tests here?
4)Does RapidMiner provide a spreadsheet based add-on more specifically with Microsoft Excel like R-Commander for R?

If I can find any or all of these four it will be a huge help
Thanks for the other features in Rapidminer though its positively super-even for statistical dummies like me :)


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    landland RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 2,531 Unicorn
    here are some answers to your questions:
    1) Not directly, but you might use the adjacency matrix and transform it into a learnable form. This could be done by a combination of usual preprocessing operators I think, probably including some clustering step.
    2) I'm not quite sure what your question aims at, especially what the sets consist of? RapidMiner provides several optimization schemes for parameters like GridOptimization or EvolutionaryOptimization.
    3) We currently don't have a Kolmogorov test. The only tests provided built in are T-Test and Anova.
    4) Nope. But what does R-Commander do?

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    Hi Sebastian thanks a lot for the responses, just wanted to add a little
    1)For graph processing occassionally I have tried to use a software called Pajek as well as NodeXL which is a visualization for Excel so was wondering if there is some similar things here, will defntly try the clustering stuff
    2)Thanks for this I think the wrapper validations etc help to generate the different combinations I need for the Design of Experiments
    3)Thats cool
    4)R - Commander and R-Excel are add-ons which give a GUI feel and integration with Excel for R, if you want try googling for RandFriendsLightsetup
    All in all I guess that pretty much answers my queries , thanks and congrats I think you guys are onto something really big
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