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"How do I create a Windows service for RapidMiner Server"

User13User13 Member Posts: 155 Maven
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  1. Open a Windows command prompt as administrator. To do that, open the Windows start menu, search for “cmd”, right-click it and select Run as administrator. In that command prompt, go to the bin folder in your RapidMiner Server installation folder.

  2. Type

    service.bat install

    This should install RapidMiner Server as a Windows service. To uninstall it later, call

    service.bat uninstall
  3. Unless you modified the service.bat file, the service was registered with the key RMSSVC. To start it from the command prompt, enter

    net start RMSSVC

    Similarly, to stop it, enter

    net stop RMSSVC

Alternatively, use the Windows control panel to do that. There you can also monitor the current state and define whether you want to start the service automatically.

Startup log messages are in the file run.log in the same folder.

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