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Standard format for representing rules

venkatesh20venkatesh20 Member Posts: 23  Maven
Hi friends,
  In our project there is a need to persist the mined association rules and later use it for classification and prediction purposes, can any body tell if there is any standard for representing rules as a XML which defines what are the attributes which need to be present and how to represent the rule.



  • venkatesh20venkatesh20 Member Posts: 23  Maven
    We are trying to  develop some AI based analysis in health care domain,  as a part of this we want convert the existing literature in this domain in to a set of rules, which we want to apply on the newly collected data and verify the validity of the rules and we are also interested in finding new rules from the collected data. We need a common format to represent these rules, certain i can come up with my only document structure but want to know if there are already a standard available for representing rules so I can make use of it. Thanks in advance.
  • landland RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 2,531   Unicorn
    you should take a look at the PMML 4.0 standard which specifies a XML format for Association rules.

  • venkatesh20venkatesh20 Member Posts: 23  Maven
    Thanks Sebastion. I shall have a look on the same
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