use wordnet and word2vec on dataset

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I want to use wordnet to sentiment analyze  and steeming. I traveled to the site. But there is an error.
How should I use it?

And I also want to use word2vec to choose the kind of thing. I did my site training, but my data is Twitter. And there is an error.
How to fix
I sent my sample



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    hi @jabra thx for your .rmp files. So I would not use the Extract Sentiment or Open WordNet Dictionary inside the Process Documents from Data operator if you're creating word vectors. Rather I'd put it OUTSIDE the Process Documents from Data operator.


    FYI that Wordnet extension is very, very old (created for version 5.3) and hence not very reliable. I know people have gotten it to work but it's not nice "out of the box". If you want to do sentiment analysis and have not done this before, I'd recommend doing it with the Aylien extension. It's much more reliable.


    As for the word2vec process, your Loop Files operator will produce a collection of ExampleSets. But your Cut Document is expecting a document data type. ExampleSets and documents are not interchangable. You need to match ExampleSet to ExampleSet, document to document.




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    jabrajabra Member Posts: 20 Contributor I
    Hello. Thankful . Could you tell me how to use wordnet and word2vec for review dataset ?
    I needed it so much.
    Please help me.
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    elena20elena20 Member Posts: 14 Contributor I


    My problem is exactly like the user problem of this topic. Someone knows how to do it?

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