How to save the result of Twitter Operator to Ms. Excel?

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Hello everyone!

I'm starting to use the Twitter Operator today. I want to ask how to save the result in the picture below into Ms. Excel? Can I save it in the '.xls' format? And why in the local repository it's saved as 'local process' not 'data'? Actually, I want to use the result below in the other process so I need to edit some row in the results (like delete it or change it).

I'm still new in using RapidMiner so please help me. Thank you! :smileywink:



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    But you don't need to save it to Excel at all, you can probably accomplish the data editing you are trying to do entirely in RapidMiner.

    First you can save your data as a dataset in RapidMiner using the "Store" operator.  This will allow you to retrieve that same data later (using the "Retrieve" operator) without having to rerun the original process to get the twitter data.  You can then edit it, and re-save it however much as needed.


    What were you intending to do with the data in Excel?  Almost all of the same types of data editing that you are probably used to doing in Excel are also available in Rapidminer---you can create formulas to add new attributes using Generate Attributes or Generate Aggregation, you can change values in individual cells using Replace or Map, you can combine and summarize data using Aggregate, and you can even change the shape of the dataset using Pivot or Transpose.

    It's better to do these things in RapidMiner rather than manually in Excel, because then you can easily replicate them in the future on new datasets, and you will already have all your data in RapidMiner for when you want to move to the next phase of your analysis, which I imagine is some kind of text mining, which Excel is definitely not going to be able to do.






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    Hi, I hace a little issue, how can I write a same CSV or Excel from 5 differet searches in twitter???
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