Local trend mining in social networks, Google Trends, etc.

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Hi RapidMiners,


as part of an internship I am doing I need to search for trending topics and news that are geographically limited. I've already had some success with the Twitter operators, although I get a lot of repeated terms (in my case I was searching in Dortmund, and most tweets were related to Borussia Dortmund; I am not a football fan :@).


I would appreciate any leads that you can give me for Facebook, Google Trends or another source. I've experimented a bit with the Facebook extension, but after some time it stopped delivering results (empty example set). I don't know if it is a bug or not, I can still get results using the Graph Explorer.


I also looked at Google Trends, but it is not as much fine grained as I was hoping: when limiting the search for regions, sometimes the number of results is zero or close to zero.


As I said, I would appreciate your feedback!



Kind regards,



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