Is RapidMiner suitable for my project ?

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Hello everyone, 


I am actually an intern is a company and they had given me a project.

The goal is to find a solution of text mining which will allow users to analyze information of a pdf document more quickly.

So, I would like to create the process with rapid miner and propose a more simple user interface to the users, where they will only have to load the document and get results.

I know that I can do text mining with rapid miner because I started to test the product. But my question is : do you know how I can implemented it in my case with a user interface ? 






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    Hi Sabine,


    The project that you mention can be easily be deployed with RapidMiner Server.There you can build a web app where the users upload a pdf and then become some sort of feedback. So the answer is yes!


    The easiest option would be for you to take the RapidMiner Server course and possibly also the Web and Text Mining one. Whether the company is willing to pay is another matter, but you can write to and ask for a discount.


    Of course you can also learn from videos, blogs, etc. and ask for help in the community!

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