Trouble installing extension on rapidminer server

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Hello , 

i want to install an extension on rapidminer server.I follow the instructions from here:


When i went to server settings there was a path for com.rapidanalytics.plugindir , so when i search for it ,  appeared a 'There is no such path ' message . I search a little bit and i find that the plugins folder was into a folder like this 'deployment5453132' and inside him there was a javascript file :'jquery.desaturate' . So i paste the extension jar file into plugins file and i re-start the server . What i found out is that the folder that i paste the extension was deleted and the folder ''deployment5453132'  was replaced with another 'deployment444445' -noticed that the numbers have changed -and into the plugin folder there was only the javascript file .

So I create a folder outside of rapidminer-server's 'standalone' folder , i paste the rmx_text jar file and i write the path to service settings , re-start the server but the extension doesn't install.

What am i doing wrong?

Thank you in advance!


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