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Hi, I recently installed rapidminer server/studio on my machine, and trying to read data from some external database in python script. Specifically, I installed snowflake-connector-python package on my machine to read data from snowflake, but when running python script in rapidminer studio, line "import snowflake.connector" generates error ("No module named 'snowflake'), which works in my machine's python. Any suggestion? Thanks


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    Snowflake provides a JDBC driver. I would recommend to use this.




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    aside from Martin's suggestion, I bet that the Python path is not correctly configured. If you installed Python through Anaconda or a similar distribution, you have to set the paths in Studio/Server. Otherwise it won't find it or (for example in Ubuntu) it will find the default python installation.


    More info:



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    I've found out that you need to set these properties in the job agents also. You have to manually edit the file {jobAgentBaseDir}/config/container/

    and add the line

    rapidminer.python_scripting.path = {pathToPythonDistribution}/bin/python

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