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Hello. I am having an issue being able to see meta data at all.


My instructions look like this:

Instructions.JPGInstructions View

All the resources I've seen talk about meta data look like this:

MD.JPGOther User View

My Process and Sub Process match my instructions and look like this:

Process.JPGMy Process View

Subprocess.JPGMy Sub Process View


And my results are incomplete and don't have a meta data option.

Me.JPGMy Results

This has been an issue for the entire time I've had RapidMiner, but is now unavoidable. How do I get the option to see meta data?


Thanks. I hope you can help!


For my reference, I'm supposed to contact Alvara Torres again in 3 hours if I am still having issues.



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    Meta data has been renamed to "Statistics" like 4 years ago :-)  Just click on the "Statistics" tab on the left and you will get the desired information.


    Hope that helps,



  • simioner01simioner01 Member Posts: 2 Contributor I

    Thank you! I'm so glad it was just a version issue. I really appreciate your help!

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    No prob :-)  Happy mining!

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