Analysing Qualitative Interviews

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I’m working on a research project in which I need to analyse 20 qualitative interviews (6000+ words). The main topic is “community”. The sub-topics are “community development”, “community investment”, “community banking” and “community groups”.


The aim is to identify – based on aforementioned topics – the most important/problematic/potential areas are to improve the “sense of community”. What type of analysis is most appropriate for this?






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    Hi Yannick,


    If I understood correctly, each interview has 6000+ words? It is possible to use Latend Dichrilet Allocation to find out what words are associated to the subtopics. You can use the operator found in the Operator Toolbox extension and specify the number of topics equal to the number of your subtopics. You will have to analyse the results, to know which LDA topics could match your original subtopics.


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