"How to use Filter Stopwords (Dictionary) in rapidminer ?"

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Hello! I'm quite new to rapidminer and now I'm doing a text mining project for my class's homework.

I want to know how to use Filter Stopwords (Dictionary), because I couldn't find any tutorial about it. I choose to use this operator because my language (Indonesian) didn't support by rapidminer.

I've read some other questions about Filter Stopwords (Dictionary) in this forum, but I don't really understand because they use the XML script. Honestly, I don't know anything about XML :catfrustrated:

Do I need XML text to use Filter Stopwords (DIctionary)? Or I just can use it by import the plain text (which has stopwords list) to rapidminer?

I need your help. Thank you!

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    You can just import a plain text file with the Filter Stopwords (Dictionary) operator.

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