csv file does not show correctly after sampling with windows powershell

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I am working with a very large csv file which I cannot directly import into rapidminer. Therefore, I try to sample it down with windows powershell. However, after the sampling rapidminer does not import the file correctly. The appended file "test_sample.csv" works perfectly in rapidminer. The file "first100.csv" contains the first 100 lines of the other file but I have problems with the import.


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    Hi @marcschw,


    I have no problem to import your file first100.csv by selecting

    Regular Expression (,\s*|;\s*) at the step 2 / 4 of the Data import wizard : 



    I hope it helps,








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    Now I could import the file so thank you for that. But i can't get it to recognize the date. It is clearly in the format

    yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss. But when I select this format it does not parseit correctly.

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