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I am currently working on my diploma in the area of Data Mining.  I want to create a Website where a user can send a request to my Programm wich is using Rapidminer and then Rapidminer can do an Analysis on a Database and deliver the results back to the user.
I am not quite sure if Rapidminer is the best solution for my tasks so would like to know :
Is there any public information about the System Requirements from Rapidminer  ( I need to analyse  tables with  100.000+  entrys ) ?
Is there any public information about the General Performance/ Reliability of Rapidminer ?

Which (Open-Source ) Data-Mining Tool would you use if you had to create a process like the above ?  ;)  I am considering WEKA as an alternative, because it fulfills my requirements and it seems to be easier to understand than Rapidminer.


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    I don't think you really want me to make advertisement for WEKA, won't you? :)
    All I can say is, that RapidMiner copes with much greater tables, but it depends on the available main memory. All I can say on the topic of reliability and performance is, that we are using rapid miner as a server for providing web services to customers, too. Some of them classify over 30.000 texts per day using this webservice and there has never been any stability or performance problem.
    And last but not least: I personally think that the RapidMiner API is (in most parts) well designed and it should be relative easy to connect it.

    But be aware that RapidMiner is AGPL3, so if you use it, everything you are going to program around it, including web service consuming software, will have to be AGPL3, too.


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