"Extending Text Plugin - Linking problem"

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I'm trying to write a plugin to do "advanced" string tokenization (in order to properly tokenize "CR_08 CR_09 CR_x1" for exemple.) So I used the source code of the text plugin, added my source code, and recompiled the whole text plugin with my operator added in there. That worked fine.

What I'm trying to do now is compile my addon as an independant plugin, that would just add MY operator and not the whole text operators. I got pretty far, even found out how to add <attribute name="Plugin-Dependencies" value="Text Plugin [4.5]" /> to the ant build  8).

However, when I run a process with my plugin AND the original text-plugin, I get an error: Process failed: Error in experiment setup: com.rapidminer.operator.MissingIOObjectException: The operator needs some input of type com.rapidminer.operator.TokenSequence which is not provided.
When I use the extended text plugin (only one jar, with my code snugly in there with the other operators) it works fine. When I use the original text plugin with the original StringTokenizer operator, it works fine.
So I'm wondering, how can I get my plugin to correctly link to com.rapidminer.operator.TokenSequence and all the rest? is there more to it than adding the Plugin-Dependencies line?  ???

Thanks for any help!

PS: I know RM 5 is coming out soon and will render this plugin obsolete. But I'll have the same problem in the future if I want to write my own plugin in the same conditions. So I'd still like to know how to proceed here  :)


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    unfortunately I don't have good news for you. I guess, this occurs, because the both plugins don't know each other, because they come with their own class loaders, not knowing the other plugins. And I'm not quite sure if this is solvable. If you have a solution, don't hesitate to tell me, since I'm currently reengineering the plugin mechanism for 5.0

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