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hi all,
      i am working on breast cancer data set to find out whether it is benign or malignant .i have created a  model in rapid miner.now i want to create a software for a hospital using this model where a doctor can give known attributes as an input and the software will tell the doctor that the cancer is whether benign or malignant.............................i just want to ask ....whether this thing is possible or not?


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    Well, yes.

    Take a look at the file "tutorial.pdf" (also available on rapidminer's page on sourceforge) where is explained how to embedd rapidminer in your own java program. Combine this with a piece of swing or (fancy) javafx and you will get what you want.

    Beside: Depending on the type of model learned the doctor maybe has to enter a value for every attribute before a class can be predicted. You can workaround this problem by manage a list of all attributes used  to print "not sufficient information" - messages.

    kind regards,

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          thanks for the reply.................but can we this thing in c#.net?????? ???
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    Please see
    for the ongoing discussion.
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