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Hello to all
I have a thousand checking data
I want to use wor2vec instead of tfidf
I turn the sentences into vectors, and then I can cluster in according to the words that are out of word2vec.
This is my process
But in clustering, sentences extracted by word2vec are clustered. Not sentences
I want to cluster out what does not happen based on the words that word2vec has left
Can anyone correct the process?
Thanks a lotvc.JPGvc2.JPG


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    Dear @m_keshavarz_com,

    word2vec converts Words into Vectors, not sentences. You need to do an aggregation for sentences.




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  • m_keshavarz_comm_keshavarz_com Member Posts: 28

    Hello dear professor
    Yes I know
    How can I cluster with word2vec?
    Please help me and if you can tell me how to set up my process?
    thanks a lot
    With respect


  • m_keshavarz_comm_keshavarz_com Member Posts: 28

    Someone here is not a word2vec specialist
    I want to cluster with words that extracted word2vec but
    Instead of clustering sentences, the words are clustered
    No one is helping me.
    It is essential for me
    Thanks a lot


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