embedding a model in a application

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hi all,
        i have created model in rapid miner ,.............can i embed this model in a application created in c#.net framework....................?


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    Uuuh ... a spammer posting the same question in various threads ;)

    use the search function and type for example "java c#" ...
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    Hola Steff!

    Good to see you're still firing on all cylinders - spot on with  the reply. I was going to add this link http://www.jnbridge.com/jnbpro.htm as it has worked for me before.

    Is it my imagination or has this forum succumbed to those for whom RTFM is the most relevant answer?

    ( Uncle Beastly goes back in his cage... )
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    Just a few hints on this topic:
    1. For connecting with C# the usage of webservices might be worth a try.
    2. Be aware that RapidMiner comes under the AGPL. This requires your program, using any service or functionality of Rapidminer, to become OpenSource under the AGPL, too. For publishing under a different license, you would have to buy an oem license.

    Anyway, if you have questions regarding the technical issues, don't hesitate to ask.

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    Also, if you have any questions regarding RapidMiner integration, the conditions of the AGPL (Affero GNU Public License), or RapidMiner OEM licensing, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to discuss technical issues as well as license terms and provide you with a quote for the OEM licensing.

    Best regards,
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