Is the neural network model a correct solution here

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Hi All,


I have a question from one case study and I would like to know if my solution is a correct one or not. So, the question is:


The management asked you to develop a text mining model using only the text attribute “content”, as well as Gradient Boosted Trees to classify all reviews.


Task 1:

Draw three RapidMiner processes. First, the main process featuring the predictive model. Second, the process of ensuring the model cross-validation using the Bootstrapping method. And third, the process responsible for parsing the text field.


Task 2:

Extend your process to include an ensemble model.


What I plan to do:


Task 1:

First process model: Making a Neural network predictive model,

Second process model: Cross-validating the process model with bootstrapping,

Third process model: Parsing the text model,


Task 1:

Extending the process using bagging ensemble method.


My question is whether the first model where I am creating the predictive model with the Neural network is a correct solution considering that I will be using Bagging ensemble method?


Thank you

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