connect to Hive database failed in manage database connection dialog

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I watched the video about how to connect to database in your youtube channel(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPwTgo_iJE8&index=8&t=0s&list=PLssWC2d9JhOZLbQNZ80uOxLypglgWqbJA)


Then I add a database driver "hive2" and add a connection to get my data.



But when I click the button "Test", it cannot connect to my database and the error message shows like this:



It seems to be something with the driver dependency. RM didn't find the right class to connect.

But I don't know why. I added hive dirver jar correctly.

Does anybody know the answer? Thanks a lot.


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    I tried two ways and not one of them worked. 

    1. connect the hive database using "manage connections" dialog. 

    I added all hadoop-related dependencies as you suggested before and tried to connect it, but it showed "enabling autocommit is not supported."

    I test the connection in my own code in case the dependecies is not ok and I got the right results. So I think it isn't the dependencies issue anymore.



    2.connect to hive database using "Radoop Nest".

    I used "Radoop Extension" and it showed another problem. This is the detail message:




    I really need your help.










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    hello, could you tell me if you can resolve this problem? I have this same issue that I can't find a solution.

    thank you.

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