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Hello friends engineer
I am a beginner . I searched a lot but did not understand. So I ask.
I've done the clustering of the text
Now I want to know what the cluster is about? What about And then I can get information based on that. Labels clusters.
Who knows how to do in rapidshare?


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    rfuentealbarfuentealba Moderator, RapidMiner Certified Analyst, Member, University Professor Posts: 568 Unicorn

    Hi @student_compute:


    Clustering means "grouping". You are letting RapidMiner determine how to create groups from data that looks too random for your eyes. Once you have these groups, you can use the Set Role attribute to change the role of a cluster into a label, and then you can form a Decision Tree to build and interpretation on what makes this cluster different from the others.


    This question can help you. Also, here is an article written by @mschmitz on understanding clustering with decision trees. It has drawings too.


    @m_keshavarz_com hey, read this! You will need this for the process you are building too.


    Have a nice day!

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    You can also look at the centroid output of the cluster model and then sort for the highest values---this will enable you to understand the most prominent attributes in each of your clusters.

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    student_computestudent_compute Member Posts: 73 Contributor II

    thank you very much dear friend
    I did not understand what exactly these numbers say?
    Can you explain more? What does zero mean?
    How to know the center of the cluster?
    How can I show the shape of the clusters, for example, as a loss to R programming?
    help me
    Thanks a lot

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    student_computestudent_compute Member Posts: 73 Contributor II

    Sorry someone is helping me

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