Nominal to Binominal - not all attributes converted

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I wanted to convert my data to binominal to use it later in FP growth algorithm. 

However, when I was converting it, two last attributes od my data set didn't change. 

Can anyone tell me what to do?




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    rfuentealbarfuentealba Moderator, RapidMiner Certified Analyst, Member, University Professor Posts: 568 Unicorn

    Hi @olgakulesza2,


    You have three different values in your last two columns (or that's what I can see), hence you can't use bi-nominal but poly-nominals. bi-nominal means that these columns can only handle two types of values (like "true" or "false", "on" or "off", "dead" or "alive" etc).


    Depending on your use case, you may want to use the Generate Attributes before converting to binominal if you want to create an attribute named, e.g. book_176_present that contains "true" if there is a value in book_176, and "false" otherwise, and the same for book_177. However, as I said, it depends on your use case, this might not be the right path for you.


    All the best,


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