Breast Cancer Detection

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Hi RM friends,

For scientists or medical professionals interested in breast cancer detection, here is the link with the project. https://github.com/Ankitadutta2/Data-Mining-for-Breast-Cancer-Detection-using-RapidMiner

The text related with the project can be found here: https://github.com/Ankitadutta2/Data-Mining-for-Breast-Cancer-Detection-using-RapidMiner/blob/master/Team5_MiningReport.pdf




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    HI. interesting. i am looking for some applications in real life data in breast cancer. I took the same dataset and performed a few more tests with the following results.

    accuracy: 92.63% +/- 3.38% (micro average: 92.62%)
    Deep Learning
    accuracy: 97.37% +/- 2.37% (micro average: 97.36%)
    Logistic regression
    accuracy: 95.43% +/- 1.48% (micro average: 95.43%)
    accuracy: 92.97% +/- 2.98% (micro average: 92.97%)
    Decision Tree
    accuracy: 92.97% +/- 3.70% (micro average: 92.97%)
    Random Forest
    accuracy: 95.43% +/- 2.37% (micro average: 95.43%)

    In my opinion stability is important as well (in this case the more stable model seems to be Logistic regression).
    The more accurate and yet stable is deep learning (as highlighted from the ROC analisys). I attach a few screenshots.

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