How to apply LDA to kmeans

m_keshavarz_comm_keshavarz_com Member Posts: 28 Contributor I
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I clustered kmeans and then filtered out every cluster. And I applied the LDA to each cluster to find out what's inside of it
But on the output
logliklyhood is equal to zero, and no word returned as TOP, and put all the sentences in a zero topic at all.
Does anyone know what the problem is?



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    atamulewiczatamulewicz Member Posts: 21 Contributor II

    Hi there @m_keshavarz_com


    Please post your XML and data set (fictionalize data if private) so that we can help you. Without being able to replicate your process, it is difficult to assist you. 



    Allie Tamulewicz 

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    m_keshavarz_comm_keshavarz_com Member Posts: 28 Contributor I

    You are right
    I do not currently have access to my system.
    But I used these operators
    read excel
    select attribute
    process from data
    filter example (select cluster 1)
      But liklihood becomes zero
    Do you know what the cause is?

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