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I am trying to perform an ANOVA.  I have data in column A and catagorical information in column B.  How do I get the data into a proper format for analysis?  Thank you.



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    Did you take a look at the tutorial process for the ANOVA operator?  It shows an example process which includes both the input data format and the output.

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    Thank you for the suggestion.  I am still having trouble.  Column A is real numbers.  Column B is catagorical data (X,Y,Z).  X, Y, and Z. All catagorical data is in one column.  I would like to create a new spread sheet with columns titled X, Y, Z.  Under each column would be the appropriate data as listed in the original column A. 

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    Hi @dennisk1,


    To better understand, can you give an example of : 

     - the dataset you currently have.

     - the dataset you want to obtain.





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