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What ho!

Outstanding! Version 5 is really looking nice, just the odd bits of tidying up to attend to, for example I can't find a replace statement for DifferentiateSeries in the OperatorsCore file, so some RM 4.6 processes won't parse. Is that on its way?

Well done  ;D


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    Thanks! Good news first: the "Differentiate Series" is not lost and will be available again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    We revised some of the operators in the value series plugin and decided to build a complete new series analysis plugin consisting of the series related operators like "Differentiate Series" delivered with the RM core in previous versions and the remaining operators from the former value series plugin. By the way, we also revised the text plugin which already was part of the alpha release for testing purposes but now is again an extension plugin of its own as some may have noticed.

    The final step of cleaning up the operators is moving some of the import operators (like importing data from SPSS, DasyLab etc.) in a new plugin. The goal is to keep the basic import, export, data transformation, and modeling operators in the RapidMiner core, hence we try to focus on data mining again with the main product and deliver the rest via plugins. For this purpose, we are currently designing a better supported way of installing and maintaining plugins so that users do not have to reinstall everything themself for each new version of RapidMiner.

    I am glad to hear that you like the new version. Actually, almost all comments were really positive but since we had some really drastical changes I was keen to hear what the "Power-Users" here in the forum think about RapidMiner 5. Not everyone might like all of the changes but personally I really like the new version a lot and of course I hope that most of you (will) do as well.

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