Question on Write Model on Impute Values and Select Attributes

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I am a newbie here.

I have few questions on Write Model:

1. How to Write Model on Select Attributes ?

2. I have applied a Write Model on Impute Missing Values on a table with 10 columns. But when I use Read Model on the new dataset with the same number of column, the Impute function only applied to the last column (column no 10).


Can someone help me on this ?


Thank you.




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    hi @DG1 - welcome to the community! I'm sorry no one answered your question here. Let me see if I can help...


    So the "Write Model" operator simply stores a mathematical model into your repository. That's all. So I'm not sure what you mean by "Write Model" on "Select Attributes". If you want to store your data into your repository after a Select Attributes operator, use the Store operator instead.


    Hope that helps!




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