I can't find build_extension.xml

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I am using RapidMiner5.3.0, and I want to extend it.

I download zip file from github https://github.com/rapidminer/rapidminer-extension-template/releases/tag/ANT

But when I execute ant task, it shows that build_extension.xml imported form build.xml can't be found.


This is the project I download, I do not find build_extension.xml. Where is it?



ps: I have to use RapidMiner5, so don't just tell me don't use it and go to RapidMiner8, thanks a lot!


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    I compiled build.xml with ant recording to the documentation "How-to-Extend-RapidMiner-5.pdf", but build.xml references build_extension.xml. Because I can't find build_extension.xml, the compilation failed.


    This is the file configuration referenced in build.xml.

    <property name="rm.dir" location="../rapidminer-master" />
    <import file="${rm.dir}/build_extension.xml">


    But I find build_extension.xml in RapidMiner project. 

    It's my fault that I misunderstand the meaning of parameter {rm.dir}. It should point to the RapidMiner source location.




    Then I click Compile, the generated plugin jar has been stored in the Rapidminer/lib/plugins directory, as configured in the Build_extension.xml file.




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