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"How do I use Windows authentication for Microsoft SQL Server"

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Microsoft SQL Server can use integrated Windows authentication to connect without explicitly specifying a username and password, but rather authenticating via the logged in Windows user. This authentication mechanism can also be configured in RapidMiner Studio, e.g. as a regular JDBC driver property, as is described in these two articles:
“How do I configure properties of database connections defined in RapidMiner Server?”
“How do I configure properties of the database connection used by RapidMiner Server?”

If the JTDS driver shipped with RapidMiner Studio and Server for Microsoft SQL Server is used, the respective property name is
. This property must be set to “true”. Setting driver properties is possible via the “Advanced” button in RapidMiner Studio's connection editor dialog or via the “Advanced settings” when editing database connections in RapidMiner Server.

To apply this setting to the database connection used by RapidMiner Server for its internal data, modify the following line in the standalone/configuration/standalone.xml file in the RapidMiner Server installation directory for the RapidAnalyticsDS datasource element:

<connection-url>jdbc: sqlserver://localhost:1433;databaseName=rms;

by appending the following after the url:


In order for this functionality to work properly, a platform dependent native library file needs to be installed. It can be obtained from Download the ZIP file, locate the file x86/SSO/ntlmauth.dll or x64/SSO/ntlmauth.dll, depending on your architecture, and copy it to a directory on the path, i.e. listed in the Windows %PATH% environment variable. A good candidate is also the bin folder of your Java Runtime installation. If you cannot copy it into a directory on the %PATH%, you need to edit the startup files of RapidMiner Server.

You can specify that directory by editing the file bin\standalone.conf.bat. The last line should read


Before that line, add a line saying

set JAVA_OPTS="%JAVA_OPTS% -Djava.library.path=yourPathToNtlmauth.dll"

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