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I am using Rapidminer server 8.2

I have developed custom extension for rapidminer and tested it on RM Studio and  RM Server.

I was able to run the plugin on RM Studio and RM Server for first time.

After I made some changes to the extension code and tried to run again on server it is showing dummy operator error:(com.rapidminer.operator.DummyOperator.doWork(DummyOperator.java:94)

Steps I did to install plugin:

  1. tried to delete the previous extension and copied new jar file in the server plugins directory, but it is still showing same error
  2. tried to restart the server and redo the process again.


  1. Is there a way in which I can include something in extension code to tell rapidminer server to refresh the plugins folder or look again for new plugin...?
  2. Is the restart of whole server required to install one new plugin ..?

Any suggestions why is this problem is coming...




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    you need to restart.




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    abhi97660abhi97660 Member Posts: 11 Contributor II

    do i need to modify the process also again which is saved in the server..?

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