Multi-Objective Feature Selection Part 1: The Basics problems

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I want to ask that can we do Advanced & dynamic analysis with visualization in which drill down approach can be made.Example, once we create a chart for specific data, we can click in elements of the chart & further detail of that element like (correlation, weightage) etc can be generated. Like in pie chart clicking on one color will give, much more details of the element that color is describing.


Also, please tell me how to rearrange the chart once, I have panned out through mouse wheel.

&, how to get absolute values in bar chart axis rather, range values.

As I am very new to RapidMiner


Thank You


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    @prateek26394 to reset the graph, just right click and drag. That should do it.


    W.R.T. to visualization drill downs, that sounds like building out a RapidMiner Server dashboard. You can create visual elements and then create interactivitiy in them but drilling down, etc. 

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