Add meaningful names to generated attributes in "Generate Function Set" operator

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Operator "Generate Function Set" can be used to generate interactions between attributes. This is potentially useful for linear models. However, there are two issues:

  1. It is difficult to search for this operator. I suggest to add following tags to the operator: {interactions, product, multiply}. But of course, it is possible to simply scrape all the parameter names {plus, diff, mult,...} and use them as tags as well.
  2. The generated attributes should have some interpretable name. Currently, the generated attributes have names like "gensym1", "gensym2" and it is imposible to learn how they were generated. A possible remedy is to use a naming convention like "function (attribute1) (attribute2)" for the generated attributes (e.g.: attributes "net weight" and "height" could create an attribute "mult (net weight) (height)"). I picked the prefix convention because it is a reasonable way how to deal with a mixture of infix operands like "mult" and prefix operands like "sin". And the parentheses are already used by "Generate Products" operator to deal with attribute names that contain spaces. To preserve the compatibility with the former implementation of the operator (e.g.: in order to avoid name clashes between the input attributes and the generated attributes), a checkbox for switching between the "gensym" and descriptive names could be introduced.
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    For 2., a possible workaround for now is to use the operator Rename by Constructions after Generate Function Set.

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