RapidMiner Educational License Lab Installation Issue

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I am a faculty and am planning to use RapidMiner Studio using the educational program. However, the issue we are facing is that the our labs are completely cloud-based/virtual. IT staff can install any software needed for courses and make it available to the students (even a specific set of students if needed) for use throughout the semester.Students have the ability to install any custom software but it gets unsintalled once they sign-off from the virtual lab. As I understand, the RapidMiner educational license is tied to a valid academic email address, and does not allow use in the above mentioned settings. I will be asking students to get their own laptops to class and install the software on that. However, this type of situation inadvertently brings up issues such as — “my laptop is too slow”, “software does not install for some odd reason”, “my computer broke and so I could not do my assignment”, etc. Can you please provide any suggestions/solutions to use RapidMiner studio in the academic environment mentioned above? Thank you in advance for the help.


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    Depends a bit on how exactly your setup looks like. I will describe the general way:

    1. You have RapidMiner Studio installed by your IT staff for the relevant student accounts. For Windows/OSX, the installation folder now contains everything static you need to run RapidMiner Studio. For Unix, you also need to have Java 8 installed and JAVA_HOME variable set correctly.
    2. When your students start Studio, they will be prompted to log into their rapidminer.com account (or to paste a license key manually). The license key is then stored in the USER_HOME/.RapidMiner/licenses/rapidminer-studio folder. Depending on your setup, you can of course pre-fill this location for every user with a license.lic containing their academic license key. All other settings are also stored in USER_HOME/.RapidMiner for each user, so this has to be writable and persistent for each user.
      • Starting with RapidMiner Studio 9.0, you do have the option of changing that location by providing a system property called "rapidminer.user-home". Then the referenced folder is taken instead of the default USER_HOME/.RapidMiner location.



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